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How has work from home helped me improve my efficiency!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

All of us are going through tough times and we are all in this together!

We have seen the world going through so many other difficulties in addition to COVID-19 but still we hope for a better day tomorrow and expect to see the sun rising with positive news.

Even though there is so much to worry about, there are still some people out there - using this time as an opportunity to come up with a better version of themselves.

This post is all about that!

I feel, I should share and talk about my progress (little, but yet big enough for me to consider) in both work and personal life and how "Work From Home" has helped me create a growth plan for myself. I will try to be as honest as I can! :)

It all started before lockdown was levied! I had already started thinking about -

  • Being better at what I do (software development) - I feel that all good things in the world start happening only when you accept the hard truth behind it. It is difficult to lower down your self-esteem and accept that you're not really good at it yet and it might be a long way! But the moment you accept it and start working on it, believe me, you're already halfway through!

  • Work on my mental health - I've already worked upon my physical health by adopting a few good food habits, but what is more important is to feel good inside, rather than just having a good shape!

  • Visualizing about "where i see myself 5 years down the line" ! - A question, we all used to prepare for, for our interviews but never really gave a deep thought about it.

With lockdown in place, I got the time I've been looking for, for managing and making progress in all these areas. Honestly! I was doing all these things in bits and pieces before lockdown in addition to my regular office commute! But lockdown and WFH gave me a great opportunity to stop and rewire myself!

This is how I shaped all my ideas and thoughts above -

To improve my development skills

  • To improve my development skills, I started picking up Udemy courses to revisit my current skills and build something big out of it. I've also made hand written notes.

  • I'm currently working on porting my site to Drupal 9 (the new Drupal version) and deploying the site all by myself. (Basically, handling everything all alone! ) - This is a small step towards calling myself truly a "Developer"!

Mental health

  • I started reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" last year but somehow was not able to get regular at it. I completed this book last week and trust me! I've got answers to so many questions about life and presence of this soul on earth. I apologize that i cannot express my feelings about this book in words but would recommend you to read it or watch the documentary - Awake ! the Life of Yogananda.

  • I've been following Mindvalley and watching a few self help and motivational videos to keep myself going!

  • Trying to adopt an early morning schedule instead of building the habit of working late nights. [ Read the 5 AM club by Robin Sharma! ]

  • Having my dinner max by 8:30 PM and getting back to my personal growth work before sleeping, so that I give some time for my body to digest the food and sleep without any stomach issues!

Visualizing about "where i see myself 5 years down the line" !

I saved the best for the last! Because I wanted to talk about this in detail.

Life is so much more than just work. Some of us are still living in that small bubble, created by the world and people around us. This limits our potential and creativity to shape the world around us.

If you're working right now, I would request you to stop for a moment and think!

  • Are you really enjoying what you're doing!?

  • Are you happy !?

  • Do you think you will be able to sustain your energy throughout your career in your current job ?

  • Did you ever think about having a better world than your current world ?

  • Thinking and waiting to earn more and save money to start something new, maybe at the age of 40 or 50 ?

I'm sure you've got your answers while reading these questions already! If not, then I would request you to take them down or take a screenshot and go through them daily and then "rewire yourself" !

I believe that visualization has so much power to increase the ability to plan and achieve goals. It helps create a clear vision and also helps in realisation of the fact that true happiness relies only on something that you love to do!

Here are some things that i've been working on to create the world i've been dreaming for.

  • Creating a workplace that motivates me to do more! - I've been experimenting with my work area at home with different arrangements of furniture and lights. Just to make the environment around me that motivates me to sit and concentrate on work. This is an ongoing task for me and it keeps on improving every week. I will share the snap once it is completed and it is as per my "visualization".

  • Creating my own Identity / Building something that I would own - This is the answer to one of the questions above - "Do you think you will be able to sustain your energy throughout your career in your current job ?" It's not that I don't love Software development, but I cannot imagine spending another 30-40 years of my life in just developing features for an organization. Also, I don't want to wait and save money for the next 10 years and then start thinking about doing something new! Life is all about doing it now or never! For ex, - I'm trying to get regular at my blogs and aim to reach a maximum audience and connect with them through my words. - I've been very lucky that I started my career in my current organization where the Founder of the company shares so much more about life rather than just work.

Mr.Rahul Dewan (Founder of Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) has been taking morning meditation sessions for a while now and it's all worth it. It's a guided meditation session where we practice preksha dhyana and some sessions involve AUM chanting as well. I recommend you to checkout his blog here.

Though I'm not able to keep up with the pace and I'm irregular in attending these sessions but I've realized that I was missing out on the most important aspect of life - Dhyana

There is so much more to share but I'm afraid I might lose your interest in reading such a big post. Honestly, I always feel like sharing things that have proved and added to my mental and physical wellness but still there is so much more to learn and explore. I would request you to share this blog ahead if you were able to connect with my words and also would like you to share something about yourself in the comment section below.

Thanks! Keep learning! Keep Shining!

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