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How to configure Layout Builder with Drupal site?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Drupal's most interesting feature is the new Layout Builder which was added in Drupal 8.5. I'm sure you must have read about it and some of you might have already got your hands dirty with this amazing feature. In this blog, our focus would be to -

  • Understand the power of layout builder

  • How is it configured and how it works

If you are aware about the configuration and well versed with "How it Works!" then you can skip this blog and dive deep into "Layout Builder Vs Panels" , to understand how Drupal has improved drastically in last few years.

To Configure Layout builder..

  • The layout builder is now a part of Drupal Core , you just need to enable the "layout Builder" module to get started with it.

  • Once enabled navigate to "Manage Display" page of your content type and you should be able to see "Use Layout Builder" Checkbox as follows:

  • After enabling this, you should be able to see "Manage Layout" button as follows :

  • Clicking on this button, will navigate you to the view page of the content type, where you can select and "Add Section" to the pages.

  • Now when we click on "Add Section " button , to add a specific section on the page, we are presented with options to choose layout as follows :

  • Choose a layout and now you should be able to add blocks like this :

Configuring the Layout Builder Module for Specific Nodes

On the Manage Display tab, you can also select a checkbox to 'Allow each content item to have a customised layout'. This means that each piece of content has its own 'Layout' tab where you can add sections and change the layout and content for each individual article.

The layout mechanism works the same way, and you can place sections on the page and pick the layout and content for each one.

That's It! That is all you need to get started with layout builder , go on get your hands dirty with layout builder and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below :)

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