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Lets not be - Average


Lets get straight to the point!

I know that most of you are struggling to be the best right now. Most of you are not doing what you thought you would love to do & still earn crazy money. Most of you cannot afford the best in the market right now, it could be the best place to live for your family, the best car, the best job that can pay you well(forget about the best, it's not even good). Isn't it!?

Most of you would agree with this & I'm sure a lot of you are nodding in agreement while you're reading this.

Because most of you know that you are just - Average. Don't worry even the author of this blog falls in this category as of now!

While there's nothing bad in being average but what about everything that you want? Have you already compromised with life & accepted that you've lost?

Look, I have not accepted it and hence I'm busy writing this article down because I want to reach out to you, connect with you & make sure that you stick around and read more about me & my work. (BTW do check the other articles authored by me!)

Right now I'm not famous for what I do but I'm sure one day I will be! I will make sure that I turn you into one of my regular readers by offering the best of the bests that adds a great value to your life.

It has taken a lot to develop this attitude of winning & owning the space but it is only because I've realized that we aren't taught to win!

We are taught to be "Average"!

Why aren't we as successful as the highly successful ones?

The answer to this question is simple!

Because we are surrounded by people who have already stopped fighting and have accepted that they have lost the race against time. These people show up in our life in different roles - Friends, Relatives, Teachers, Colleagues, Managers etc. etc.

Yes, I know & I accept that some of them have helped us accelerate in different stages in our lives but these people are a few.

Seriously, how many people can you count in your life who have helped you move to the next level by being an example of what success actually means?

Being surrounded by people who have not done the best in anything that they could, is not the only reason for us being unsuccessful.

The highly successful ones have done the following, which we lack in -

Believe in themselves - They have a very strong belief system. They believe in what they do.

They know & they are confident that whatever they are doing they will be successful in doing the same someday.

For example, I know I'm not great at writing articles or blogs but I know If i continue doing this for days, months & years, one day I will be able to reach out to larger audience.

Gone the extra mile - These people continued even when the whole world around them stopped due to 'xyz" reason. It is because they have understood the fact that best things happen if and only if you keep going!

Take an example of all those people who started offering online services from home during covid's peak. They did not stop doing it because of the environmental conditions in fact they found that these new environmental factors are contributing a lot in their growth & they used it as a ladder to climb to the roof of success.

Worked while you weren't - While this is similar to the above point but still different in some aspects. Some people do not think of the "Weekend" as the time to relax or enjoy. They think of the weekend as the opportunity to work on something that will change their life in future. When nothing from the work would disturb them and they can apply the full force to something that they love to do or would want to do to be able to enjoy every moment in future without any regrets about what they could have done in past years. I know we cannot predict the future but guess what, that's the whole damn point. You cannot predict what life unfolds next. So why not work today and save the beer for the future!?

Developed the "Now or Never" attitude - Trust me on this one! For successful people, there is no "tomorrow". They believe in getting things done today. No matter what! they know that if they won't start doing anything today, they are never going to do it!

Fell but didn't give up - This is my favorite! For many reasons, this is the one of the strongest factors that has made successful people what they are today. There's no doubt in the fact that life is hard and to get through the hard times you have to be strong. But if you don't want to just "get through'' and instead come out as a winner in those hard times, you have to be the strongest amongst all. Be like the Superman who is unaffected by the bullets that life is shooting at you!

For them - Everything is possible - Last but not the least! They don't consider anything impossible. They will look for a workaround instead but would never say that something cannot be done or there is no way to do anything! People who want to do something will find out some way to do it, no matter how hard the conditions are!

We know all this already! Nothing new here! But then what!?

I know that you know all of this already. And since you know it all, I'm expecting you to know -

  1. The problem area.

  2. The way to fix it.

  3. The way to make something good is your habit.

  4. The right time to get started.

  5. The healthy daily routine.

  6. The way to be spiritually advanced.

  7. The way to be physically fit.

  8. The way to be mentally strong.

  9. The way to be financially stable & secure for the remaining time that you are left with on this planet.

  10. The way to keep your family, friends & relatives happy.

But if you don't know any of these yet, then you need to refer to the above mentioned list again. I agree that you won't be able to fix everything at one go. I hear you! But I'm not ready to accept that you did not even try or stopped after a day or two.

Since you claim that already know everything that I've talked about in the previous section (about why aren't we as successful as highly successful ones) and you are still not willing to take action to reach to that level that highly successful ones are able to make it to, then I'm sorry to say this - You know nothing!

"Now" is the time when you get started, because "tomorrow" never comes! You don't live in the future, you live in the present. So get started today and take control of your life.

All the best!

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