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Signs you're on the right path if you are a developer

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Software development is a completely different world, where things develop and change at an unpredictable pace. I'm sure, very few developers are able to keep up with that pace but the best way to know where you stand today is to constantly work upon yourself and evaluate yourself time and again.

Everything that we do, if we don't do it with our complete dedication, is simply not a thing that we are intended to do !! Software Development stands with the same approach!

But how do you evaluate yourself ?? What is the way to know if you are on the right path ?

No, I'm not talking about evaluating by giving an exam or taking up a certification challenge but instead this is about the feelings that are associated with software Development.

Let's talk about some things that I think help me to be focussed on my journey towards my destination and helps me to evaluate if this is the way to go or not!

Eagerness to learn new things.

  • You have the eagerness to learn new things and keep adding new skills to your profile.

  • You are always looking for new technologies in the market.

  • This is not just restricted to writing code in different technologies, but is also about self development in general.

  • Adopting new ways of working and organizing your routine work to be able to extract the maximum productivity.

  • I learned a valuable thing from my mentor during my internship which I would like to share with you all - "The way you organize yourself shows the way you write code and vice versa !!". Isn't this an amazing thought !?

  • In your project if there is something new to be worked upon, it doesn't scare you but sparks a feeling of excitement instead. This shows that you have that eagerness to learn.

You learn and spread a word about it.

If you are sharing what you are learning then keep on doing it, you're on the right path - You are only increasing the chances of getting more back by contributing and making others learn about the same.

This is another sign which shows that you are confident and positive about something that you have learned.

Constantly thinking of building a unique product / website.

You are constantly in that zone of thinking about developing something that :

  • Is new in the market and is definitely worth getting hands dirty with.

  • Solves a problem in general and is of great help to the community belonging to a specific technology.

  • Reflects and represents your expertise in a specific area

Only those who think and invest time on, can come up with something fruitful! You may not like Facebook now, but he converted his thoughts into a product. For sure, Mark was on the right path ;)

Always busy exploring and finding out new ways of learning.

  • Are there any sites that would help me work upon my frontend skills?

  • Is there anything that helps to increase knowledge domain in terms of algorithmic thinking ?

  • What is the best way to get started with learning AWS ?

  • Python programming on Udemy vs Coursera vs Upgrad vs Unacademy etc...

These are some items that reflect your nature to invest more time on improving your current skills and get equipped with the new ones to enhance your ability to solve a particular problem and be more efficient.

A bug excites you to find out it's actual cause no matter how hard it is.

Some of us feel an adrenaline rush when a bug is reported on something that you worked upon. Now, in this case there can be 2 possibilities :

  1. You already knew that this was coming or might show up.

  2. You were completely confident about it and tested it multiple times from your end but when you hear this statement from the tester - "This is not working as expected!" You either doubt on the way it was tested or feel the urge to take a look into it and get it resolved asap.

  • The second one here reflects that a bug doesn't really scare you instead it gives a feeling of excitement to find out the root cause and learn something new out of it.

  • You feel that responsibility to resolve and frame an action item for yourself to not repeat what has happened, if this was a "miss" from your end or have that feeling to define a "Preventive measure", to make sure that this doesn't show up the next time.

Focussed on creating short term and long term goals.

  • Another most important sign is that you plan your upcoming days, weeks and month in a way that they help you to achieve a short term goal and slowly move towards a bigger goal that you are aiming for.

  • Progress is all about working constantly on yourself and increasing your efficiency each day.

  • Even if you are improving yourself 1% each day, by the end of the year you would have improved yourself by a great percentage!! Isn't it amazing !?

According to me these are some points that I feel are the signs that show your enthusiasm towards your work. I believe "Either you are already good at something or You learn to be good at it. ". Please share your thoughts over the same in the comment section. Thank You!

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